Air Filters & Allergies

Got Allergies? We Have Solutions.

Enjoy Cleaner Air in Every Room

Clean air is a wise investment when you consider the high cost of pollution related illness… time lost from work, medications and inconvenience. The Dust Free® air filter installs in your central air system supplying fresh air throughout your home.

Energy Savings Too!

The Dust Free® electrostatic air filter protects your heating and cooling system as it traps particles that would otherwise coat the coils and reduce their efficiency. Clean units operate fewer minutes per hour saving on energy costs.

Beneficial for Entire Family

Family Alergies

In today’s indoor environments, pollution levels often exceed those in outdoor air. Medical studies report that our respiratory system may have to eliminate up to two heaping tablespoons of particulates every day. Dust, pollens, mold spores, pet dander, carpet lint dust mite feces are some of the pollutants we inhale.

Multilayer FilterEach multi-layer air filter uses a patented configuration of woven filtration media plus a medical quality anti-microbial foam core which inhibits mold and bacteria growth.

Unique design makes it possible to have the filter factory re-sized and re-conditioned should you move or buy new HVAC equipment. This protects your investment.

Tiny AirborneTiny airborne are captured by the electro static fibers as seen in this magnified image of filter media after one weeks use.
Magnified view of air pollutants captured by the air filter media.

How the Filter Works

The Dust Free® electrostatic air filter utilizes a patented configuration of alternate polarity, self-charging layers of polypropylene filtration media, to attract particles as small as 0.1 micron (1 micron = 1/25,000 inch).

The Ultimate Whole House UV Filtration System

Purity Whole House Filter

The Fresh-Aire UV Purity™ germicidal, ultraviolet light and filtration system offers the ultimate enhancement to indoor air quality. The system features not one, but three, unique technologies that actively reduce airborne microbial contaminants.


Germs in the Air You Breath
Health Risks from Airborne Contaminants
Every day your family is exposed to a variety of dangerous micro-organisms and other contaminants that pass through your HVAC system. These include; virus, bacteria, mold, mildew, allergens and unpleasant odors. Some are only annoying, others can make you very sick !

Microbes Breed in your AC
Dark Moist Places Ideal for Germs
Because air passes repeatedly through your HVAC system (in fact many microbes like the cool, dark, damp interior of the system) this is the ideal place to intercept airborne pathogens and destroy them.

Breath Easy
A Complete Whole House Solution
The Fresh-Aire UV Purity™ is a safe, economical, chemical-free way to significantly reduce airborne contaminates.

UV-C Light

UVC Light

Ultraviolet light is that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that lies beyond the "purple" edge of visible light. UV-A range is used in tanning salons and for decorative "black lights". In sunlight, the UV-B range causes sun burning. UV-C is the range that is most effective in controlling airborne bacteria and viruses.

UVC Light

Three Stages of Pure Air

Inside Fresh-Aire UV Purity™

  1. Filtration: UV Reactive Filter™
    • Efficient MERV 11 Filter media kills germs with Goldshield™
    • Works with UV Lights to trap and destroy contaminants
    • Will not degrade from exposure to UV-C light
  2. Sterilization: Germicidal UV Light
    • Destroys mold, bacteria, viruses, etc.
    • Safe & Effective
    • Lamp kills germs and neutralizes odors
  3. Odor Control: UV Photocatalytic Media
    • Enhances effect of UV
    • Destroys Odor Molecules
    • Chemical Free

Fresh-Aire UV Purity™ features Goldshield™ a unique, breakthrough technology that is applied to our UV reactive filter media. Airborne microbial contaminants that come in contact with the filter service are destroyed by the microscopic structure of the Goldshield™ process.

Goldshield™ is the first water-based, non-toxic, non-leaching application of nano technology proven effective against a wide variety of microbial contamination which is the third leading cause of mortality in the US according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Application of Goldshield™ include; hospital services, fabrics, uniforms, surgical gowns, etc., to protect against microbial contaminants including ‘super bugs’ that are resistant to antibiotics. Fresh-Aire UV™ is the first to use Goldshield™ for indoor air disinfection.

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