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Beware of un-licensed contractors offering their services at cheap prices! Before you hire a contractor, check the following web sites.

Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

Your air conditioning system is only as good as the quality of the installation regardless of the brand of equipment.

Just replacing the condenser and air handler does not assure a proper installation. Our trained personnel will explain many aspects of your installation that will increase longevity and performance in addition to the topics mentioned below.

You want your system to perform at optimal efficiency. Proper sizing is based on square footage, level of insulation, building construction, foundation and type and size of the windows.

Too large of a system will cost more to run and will be less comfortable because it will not run enough to remove humidity.

Too small of a system will also cost more in energy bills to run because it will run too long attempting to maintain temperature eventually shortening its life span.

Not every home is the same. Not every installation is the same.

We offer free in-home analysis and estimates for new air conditioning and heating systems.

Our representative will advise you of the best way to maximize the efficiency, performance and proper installation of your central air conditioning system which is critical to energy efficiency and home comfort.

Be sure to hire a top contractor that you can trust. Our customer reviews speak for themselves. Our customers trust us, because we always, always, always do the right thing for our customer.

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Insight into our air conditioning installation service.

You can view photos of some of our previous AC installations. Also, this video below shows a high quality vertical closet installation by REM Air Conditioning of Tampa Inc. Our uniformed installation team arrives on time in lettered, fully stocked vehicles ready to work. Our team is dispatched direct to the job in the morning because we maintain a stock of equipment and all materials required in our warehouse eliminating the need for the crew to wait in line at wholesalers prior to arriving at the job site. Their first priority is to insure protection of your home furnishings by wearing booties over their shoes, laying drop cloths and protecting your surrounding objects. There are at least three employees per crew for proper handing of equipment eliminating the potential of damaging the equipment as well as completion of the install in one day’s time.

For a closet installation, the closet is lined to buffer noise, make easier to clean and to seal from air leaks. Behind the return air grill, the platform is enclosed to minimize dust and debris from entering the other areas of your closet. For an attic installation, the air handler is hung and leveled for proper drainage with an auxiliary drain pan, auxiliary drain line and a plywood working platform for servicing. A safety float switch is installed to prevent water damage.

Your existing duct work in the attic is analyzed, air flow balanced and resealed where accessible.

There are also additional steps we take over and above the equipment installation to maximize the efficiency of your system and the longevity of its use.

The chase on the outside is sealed with a product rodents will not chew through thus prohibiting their access into your home at the connections of the outside equipment to the inside equipment.

Permits are required on air conditioning installations to confirm Mechanical Code requirements have been met and for consumer protection.

In the afternoon, the estimator will come back to recheck the installation and meet with the customer. He will explain the operation of your new system and present fully completed warranty paperwork.

In addition to the installation of air conditioning systems shown here, REM AC provides trained technicians to service and repair your air conditioning system. They too are uniformed and each has a fully stocked lettered service van.

REM AC is a Rheem Team Top Contractor receiving many awards for their service and installations. Rheem air conditioning equipment is rated the #1 manufacturer of air conditioning equipment for service and reliability by an independent national rating company.

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