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Heating Repair & Installation

REM Air Conditioning of Tampa is a full service HVAC company and offers comprehensive repair for your heating system. While you may run the heat only a few months out of the year, it is important to keep your heating system, including pumps and furnaces, running at peak efficiency. REM has several technicians on staff that can handle the repair and normal maintenance needed to keep you comfortable.

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By contacting REM, you are working with the best in the business. Our staff has many years of experience with heating repair, air conditioning systems, gas furnaces, heat pumps and HVAC services of all kinds. Our technicians are trained and certified on virtually all major brands and can handle repairs and even installations on brand new systems. You can schedule a repair visit, usually for the same day. We are here to help you and will never sell you anything you don’t need. We will always propose the most economical and necessary repair before trying to sell you a brand new heat pump or furnace.

Once you schedule a visit from one of our friendly repair people, our first step is to determine exactly what is wrong with your heating system. We apply a comprehensive diagnostic approach to identify any parts of the system that are either not working properly, or are running inefficiently. This could include identifying leaks, insufficient pressure, or problems with pilot lights, ignition systems, wiring, ductwork or a number of other problems. REM technicians are familiar with all heating technology and carry the diagnostic tools needed to provide a comprehensive picture of the entire system, from pilot light all the way to the vents.

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Heat Pumps & Furnaces

It may sound funny but your heating system is important, even in Florida. For instance, many heat pumps work to heat AND cool the house. Many residences in Tampa include this type of technology. So by contacting REM and repairing or replacing your heat pump, you are actually improving your cooling system as well. Our technicians receive regular training and instruction as technology changes and new products come into the marketplace.

If you need a replacement part or a brand new pump or furnace, REM can get you low prices on brand new equipment and parts from all major manufacturers. REM sells energy efficient gas furnaces from Rheem and other major brands. You may also be eligible for conservation rebates through your local energy company – TECO, Peoples Gas, or Florida Power. We can help you navigate the available rebates and tax benefits based on the energy efficiency rating of your new furnace and other factors. Contact REM with any questions regarding tax benefits, rebates, new equipment, warranties, installation, pricing on parts, and repairs.

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Whether you own a home or a business with a heating system, count on the professionals at REM Air Conditioning of Tampa to take care of you. REM is expert in all types of heating systems, heat pumps, gas and electric furnaces. In fact, REM offers comprehensive HVAC services and can tailor a service program to meet your needs. Regular maintenance is important and so are minor repairs. If you notice something is wrong with your heating system, such as leaks or loud noises when firing, you should contact the repair professionals at REM before it becomes too late.

With a maintenance approach, and nipping minor repairs in the bud, you can save yourself the time and expense of major repairs down the road. Your furnace and pumps should last you several decades but just as with any major appliance, they need regular care. REM intends to help you get the most out of your heating and cooling systems for many years to come.

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